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Dec 14, 2020

James Austin Johnson (comedian) joins the show by telling us before we start recording that "he doesn't have a very exciting Block Tale" and then it turns out to be one of the most personal and messy Block Tales in show history, as him and a former comedy writing partner turn on each other and lawyers get involved. It's high drama on an episode full of it, as the Blocked Boys get into windshield decals, regional dialect, quarantine weight, getting divorced, Bobby Flay, "cannibal sandwiches", and John introduces a new character to the Blocked Party Twitterverse. And to top it all off, we're joined by a very special call-in guest, who has a lot of...thoughts on things. It's our longest episode ever, and worth every minute.


If you want to listen to even more minutes that are worth it, you can head over to, where $5/month gets you FOUR bonus episodes every month, including this week's bonus, another edition of our all-Cameo bonus episodes, Word Up, featuring past guest Olivia Stadler. We get one of our craziest Cameos ever that's worth the price of admission alone. PLUS we have a great LIVE show coming up this Saturday, December 19th, as Caroline Goldfarb will be joining us for the Season 1 Finale of Whistler, Canada's primetime soap opera. A donation at any level gets you admission to the show, so join us, won't you?


James Austin Johnson is a comedian who calls Los Angeles home and can be heard on the What Things Are What Things podcast. You can also follow him and find all his Trump impressions on Twitter and Instagram at @ShrimpJAJ.