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Dec 21, 2020

It's an educational episode this week, as Kofie Yeboah (Fumble Dimension, Chillin' with Kofie) lets us know exactly how NOT to apply for college, as he manages to get rejected by eight colleges at once through the American university service Common App. It's an episode that's rife with rejection, as Stefan rejects Cyberpunk 2077, John rejects his Peloton instructor, and we discuss the Australian comedian who rejected a DM slide from a guy who was really into Australia's Funniest Home Videos. The Blocked Boys also manage to find time to discuss UPN's primetime lineup, prison breaks, smoke alarms, and Christmas songs.


If you want some more joy this Christmas, you can donate to the show at, where $5/month gets you access to FOUR bonus episodes every month. This week is a big one, as we'll have the video from last Friday's live show where we watched the Season One finale of Whistler with Caroline Goldfarb, and a holiday mailbag with a very special guest: Santa Claus himself! Plus you'll get the entire back catalogue of bonus episodes so if you're missing your loved ones this holiday season, you can hang out with the BBs instead. We are not an adequate replacement, but hey, we can try! Plus we've got newsletters, a fantastic Discord, and more. So check it out: it makes a lovely holiday treat.


Kofie Yeboah is the co-host of Fumble Dimension on Secret Base, an SB Nation Community and YouTube channel. He also hosts a Twitch stream called "Chillin' With Kofie" that can be found at, and he'll be releasing a podcast by the same name in 2021. He can be found on Twitter at @Kofie.