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Dec 28, 2020

In the second edition of this yearly tradition, John and Stefan eschew a guest in favour of a list of enemies to set the table for the turn of the calendar. 2020 was a year full of ups and (mostly) downs, and we try to predict who will continue into 2021 with our cups full of hatred for them. Before that, the Blocked Boys talk about their Christmases, Inglehoffer Mustard, charcuterie boards, and they give you a peek behind the curtain at how they prepare guests for the show. Plus, we review our 2020 Enemies List to see how the year played out for us vs. them, a sort of "year in retrospective", Blocked Party-style. And of course, we get into the 10 Official Enemies of the Blocked Party podcast for 2021. There's some choices that will make sense but also some that will surprise as we prepare for another year of the show.


If you like surprises, we have even more in store for you over at, where $5 a month gets you access to FOUR bonus episodes every single month. This month was a doozy with a holiday mailbag featuring Santa, the return of Olivia Stadler for an all-Cameo bonus episode, and more! Plus, starting in January, we're going to be introducing yearly subscriptions, a fun way to save some money and support the BBs all year round. Stay tuned for more info on that very soon!


And finally, a sincere thank you to everyone who stuck with the podcast through a very weird and trying 2020. We know it's been a tough one but the show continued to grow and we felt your love and support all year. We love you all very much and in a lot of ways, it felt like we got through all of this together and it means just so much to us. Thanks for being with us and get excited for more great content in 2021!