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May 2, 2022

Aaron Read (comedian) joins the show to tell us about a time he got blocked for politely asking a Vancouver bagel shop to change their notoriously bad work environment. Why change anything when you can just block people who complain? We find their Glassdoor reviews and go deep on that as well as DVD Easter Eggs, Mad Magazine parodies, and we eat some intense Dutch licorice. Plus, we get into "rise and grind" Instagrams, tarts, Aaron meets Peep This Out, and John wins 10 pounds of fresh lobster.


If you want 10 pounds of fresh content, head on over to, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This week, Maddy Kelly joins us for the first episode of "Stefan the City: And John's Like That", the start of our quest to watch all 10 episodes of the new Sex and the City show. It is not great, but the episode is very fun and will be out this week. Plus, we've got a patron-only Zoom show coming up May 20th, merch discounts on our new shirt available tomorrow, and MORE!


Aaron Read is a comedian and musician whose new EP, "RIP Fred 1998" is dropping soon on Bandcamp. You can see him every Sunday in Vancouver at the Fox Cabaret for The Sunday Service and you can follow him on Twitter at @freddykuerig and on Instagram