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Nov 8, 2021

John Semley (writer) joins us to throw another Steven Crowder block onto the scrap heap as we wax nostalgic for childhood candy, lunch items, and crushes. John also enjoys having a fellow John on the show and we get into getting mistaken for Jons and Jonathans and John Semley tells about his brief foray into being a Jack. Plus, Stefan digs into the Starbucks holiday drink menu, as John Semley goes antiquing and John Cullen learns a new fact about Stephen Baldwin.


If you want to learn some new facts, you can head on over to, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This week, we introduce our good friend and now 8-time guest Jamie Loftus to a Canadian cartoon in our continuing series, and coming up on November 19th, we return to live Zoom shows as Stefan and John battle it out in a game of Mack Gordon's Family Feud. Stefan's already announced his team will feature Jesse Farrar and Michael Hale from YKS, and John's promised his team announcement this week. It's gonna be a doozy and you gotta be a patron to attend. AND we got ad-free episodes and a sweet Discord, so check it out!


John Semley is a writer and you can follow all of his work on Twitter at @johnsemley3000.