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Dec 13, 2021

Dino Archie (comedian) gets physically blocked from The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for, and I quote, "doing too much". It's a self-admitted, well- deserved block, and the lifetime ban leaves Dino wondering just how heavily they'll enforce that if he ever decides to go back. The whole episode has a "kicked out of a hotel" vibe as Dino's disdain for John's show primer email leads into a discussion about international phone lines, card collections, the Vancouver Canucks riots, and the city of Montreal. Plus we check in on the Nancy Reagan Twitter discussion this week, Jim Breuer's viral standup clip, and Stefan's parents make a warped Christmas decoration.


If you want more warped content, head on over to, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This week, we'll have a mailbag out with past guest Savannah Erasmus, and our conclusion to the Paranoia series comes later this month as well, which is gonna be fantastic. Plus we've got a great Discord, merch and live show discounts, and ad-free episodes, so check it out!


Dino Archie is a comedian whose podcast, Strictly Beloved, is available wherever you get your pods. You can find all the information about his upcoming shows on Instagram at @dinothebeloved.