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Dec 20, 2021

Libby Watson (writer) is back for a comfy mid-December episode that sees John power through the haze of potential COVID illness for a memorable episode, as Libby gets blocked by Silicon Valley weirdo and Defector Media's "interested investor" Jason Calacanis. Of course, given Stefan and Libby's love for their cats, there's a lot of Kiki and Digby talk, and John remembers his first long-time exposure to a cat, his ex's fat cat named Sushi. Plus, we get into bagels, nu-metal covers, coffee, the Salton Sea, Thom Hartmann's smackdown of an anti-vaxxer, and Stefan gives us a wild update on a subject of a past Block Tale, Jamie Sweaty.


If you want to be kept in the know on all of our wild updates, head on over to, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This week, Stefan FINALLY discusses his block at the hands of Jon Taffer, as we're joined by fan fave Dan O'Sullivan for a Hell Block, and our playing of the RPG Paranoia ends this month as well, with a final episode you won't wanna miss. And that's not all! Ad-free episodes, a great Discord, and more surprises await, so check it out today.


Libby Watson is a writer whose newsletter, Sick Note, can be found at You can follow Libby on Twitter at @libbycwatson.