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Jan 10, 2022

Johnny Pemberton (comedian/actor) joins the show to talk about blocking someone for going a little bit too far in questioning the COVID safety protocols on the set of Superstore, and reveals his unique strategy (other than muting/blocking) for dealing with people who are mean to him online. Elsewhere on the show, Johnny growing up in Minnesota finds the boys talking cross-border commonalities as we get into French education, Tim Hortons, and Kevin O'Leary, while also chopping it up about Alvin & The Chipmunks. Plus! Johnny decides to be a seagull on Twitter, John plays a very memorable John Madden clip, and Stefan introduces the guys to a new edition of "Real or Fake" featuring that weird balloon guy.


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Johnny Pemberton is an actor, comedian, and podcaster whose new podcast with Duncan Trussell, "The Leather Rose", is out NOW. You can also check out his Twitch stream at and follow him as a seagull on Twitter at @JohnnyPemberton.