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Dec 2, 2019

Olivia Stadler (comedian) teaches Chris D'Elia (and us) a valuable lesson: just because you're famous doesn't mean you can slide into the DMs clumsily. An attempted meet-up ends with the two never meeting and Chris footing Olivia's hotel bar bill in a wonderful Block Tale. Elsewhere, John gives Stefan and Olivia a diagrammed lesson about the sport of curling (which also leads to  talk about his vaguely athletic body), Olivia prods Kendall Jenner to come out, Stefan talks about ball lightning (it's not what you think), and John gets some comments on his Entourage podcast guest appearance that are exactly what you'd expect.

For other things you'd expect (mostly stupid), you can also donate to the show at, where $5 a month will get you access to THREE shiny bonus episodes every single month. Our esteemed series where we break down celebrity Cameos (as featured on A.V. Club) returns this week with special guest Ivan Decker, and there's tons of great content from John's first time smoking weed and our first tour of live shows from last month ready to go right now! There's literally nothing that could be better. It's a great Christmas present! So do it today!