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Dec 9, 2019

Jamie Loftus (writer, Bechdel Cast) returns to give us a sneak peek of her new show, "My Year in Mensa", by detailing the time she went to a Mensa thing called "Nerd Camp" and got blocked from a very weird alt-right Mensa Facebook group as a result. It is both one of the most detailed and insane Block Tales to ever be told on the show. And the goodness this week does NOT stop there, as Stefan details his couple of days where he pretended to get a Baby Yoda Tattoo, dragging John and a bunch of our listeners along with him in a crusade against the man who couldn't understand irony. The Blocked Boys also hear from the kid who called Doug Ford a timbit, the totally bonkers Christmas movie Jack Frost, and Jamie helps us revisit one of the most beloved top 3s of all-time. 

TW: This episode contains discussion (albeit light-hearted) of stillbirth and miscarriages from 27:05 to 36:19.

If you want be beloved, you can do so by donating $5/month to the BBs at, where that donation gets you THREE bonus episodes every month. This month, we've brought back listener favorite Ivan Decker to look at some insane celebrity Cameos with us, and this week, we will be debuting a BRAND NEW bonus episode format: Trivia Party! That's right, the boys get challenged by a $100 donor to a trivia contest, and they bring along another fan favorite, Michael Hale, to play a rousing game of trivia with them. The results are predictable in their unpredictability, and it's a blast. We've got a ton of great bonus  episodes in the back catalogue too, and they're all yours with a donation, so let's make it happen and we can all understand irony together.