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May 4, 2020

Molly Lambert (writer, Night Call) scoops up one of the most prestigious blocks in an election year: the Public Affairs Agency that represents Joe Biden and many others, after she discovers one of their prime tactics for “managing crisis” (it’s dumb and bad). It’s some serious political talk, but we manage to temper that with our usual silliness, as the Blocked Boys get into elementary school Sports Day, creating weird beverage combos as kids, and a brand-new Patreon tier: John drinks the Ben Bartch chaos smoothie. We also tackle Canadian television, Megan McArdle’s insane coronavirus theory, and John ends the show with another one of his classic “bad food opinions”.

If you want more bad opinions (but great content), you can donate to the show at, where $5/month gets you access to three bonus episodes every single month! Plus our whole back catalogue! By the time you listen to it all, we’ll be licking each other’s ice creams again! After a long wait, we finally have the video episode up where Stefan teaches John how to play Hearthstone, and this month, we’ll have the Will Weldon video bonus episode from last Friday where we watch a bunch of strange internet stuff together, a mailbag, and much more. You also get access to our Discord for the $5, a great and fun server with a wonderful community. Join today!

Molly Lambert is a writer and podcaster who hosts the very popular Night Call podcast with Tess Lynch and Emily Yoshida. She can be found on Twitter at @mollylambert.