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Jul 13, 2020

Ginny Hogan (comedian, author) joins us for an episode that gets weirdly topical for BP, as John gets a COVID test and we dig into the very odd Wayfair conspiracy. And that's not the only conspiracy theory we dig into, folks. ToppingsGate once again rears its ugly head, as Ginny is forced to wade into the "are sauce and cheese pizza toppings?" debate and she presents a new angle that forces Stefan to dig that hole even deeper. Plus, the Blocked Boys find time to tackle John's Peep This Out video, Ginny's viral tweet, John's Jeopardy! tweet, and adult psychos who most definitely have COVID and attended Disney World anyway. And this is without mentioning Ginny's Block Tale, where a 70 year-old man lets loose on Twitter, follows her to email, and is just, well...a 70 year-old man online. It's a wild episode.


Speaking of wild episodes, if you want even more of this delicious content, you can subscribe to our bonus feed over at, where $5/month gets you access to THREE tasty bonus episodes every single month. Of course, this week, we finally debuted John's long-awaited Peep This Out impression in a video episode called, "Take a Look at THIS!" to rave reviews (most people were disturbed by it), and we have a mailbag episode out this week with our pal Michael Hale from YKS. PLUS, we've got a Cameo bonus episode coming this month with some very special guests and it's gonna be a busy July for the BBs. $5 and it's all yours!


Ginny Hogan is an author and a comedian whose book, Toxic Femininity in the Workplace, is out now. You can follow her on Twitter at @GinnyHogan_.