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Jul 20, 2020

It's a bit shocking that it's taken us 87 episodes to get here, but folks, we finally have the big man himself, the damn Cheeto-in-Chief, in our sights, as our guest, David Roth (writer, Deadspin) joins us to talk about the time he got blocked by Donald Trump. It's a fantastic Block Tale driven by Trump's own idiocy and a worthy first-time appearance on the pod for the POTUS. But don't worry, we're well-aware we are also full of our own idiocy, as the Blocked Boys find time to get into Witch Twitter, Tom Cruise, cognitive testing, the viral mummy, the 2003 film Biker Boyz, and Stefan is still locked out of his Twitter after Friday's blue checkmark fiasco.


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David Roth is a writer who is currently freelancing but is formerly of the good Deadspin. He hosts a podcast with Jeb Lund called "Dave and Jeb Aren't Mean" and can be found on Twitter at @david_j_roth.