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Jul 27, 2020

It's another block that's taken a surprisingly long time to get to, given everyone's favorite positivity alien has one of the quickest block fingers online, but Katherine Krueger (writer/editor) joins us to talk about her very early days of Twitter, highlighted by a block from Jomny/Jonny/Jobny Sun/Sum/Sudn. After meditating on it, Katherine comes away feeling fine, and we finally get to read the slew of listener blocks we have from Jonny as well. The Blocked Boys also dive into the world of Cameo on main (it's the horny on main equivalent for us), the animal tweet going around this week, childhood trauma songs, Stefan's back on Twitter, baby! and we get a glimpse into what gets Tori Amos going.


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We've also got our most recent Hell Block with fan fave Adam Christie live now, and if going Cameo on main wasn't enough for you, we've got another all-Cameo bonus episode coming out this week with the sweet boys Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagner from the Yeah, But Still podcast. It's been a great month, and we have even more good stuff planned for August, so head on over to Patreon right now and subscribe.


Katherine Krueger is the features editor at and she is currently working and writing with the former Splinter crew over at, a lefty newsletter about news and culture. You can follow her on Twitter at @Kath_Krueger.