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Oct 5, 2020

Cole Hersch (writer, Podcast But Outside) joins the show with one of the earliest-in-life Block Tales we've had, as he got blocked by Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, on AOL Instant Messenger when he was 11. It's a saga with many twists and turns and leaves us with a mystery that will need some experts to solve. The rest of the show leaves no mystery though, as the Blocked Boys are eager to shake off their good behaviour from last week and it gets wild early and often. The BBs start with some more Shark Tank/Dragons Den talk as Stefan pitches a new hangover cure and Cole pitches a new version of the show entirely, and that leads to a discussion of new condoms for different body parts. Cole then tells us the story of how he went viral pitching a new mascot to Saddleback College, John gets introduced to a cursed TikTok, and Stefan's social media update gets so intense it leads to a very special surprise at the end of the episode you won't wanna miss.


If you want more fun surprises, you can head on over to, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every month. Of course, this is the Blocked Party Centennial Celebration Month and we are going all out. John and Stefan are going to finally make and drink the cursed Canada Juice, we are going to have Jesse and Mike on for a LIVE BPTV episode with exclusively Can(adian)Con(tent), and our D&D series with Branson Reese and Jamie Loftus continues! We have some other fun surprises planned for the month you won't wanna miss so check it out!


And hey, John's new full-length comedy album, "Long Stories for No Reason" is out next Friday, October 16th on Comedy Records. Look for it on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else you get your music.


Cole Hersch is a writer and podcaster who lives in Los Angeles, where he records his podcast, Podcast But Outside, featuring random people he finds on the street. You can follow him on Twitter at @ColesTwitt3r and on Instagram at @Cole.Hersch.