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Oct 12, 2020

Maddy Kelly (comedian) joins the show to tell us about a very unique "reply guy" situation, where she replies back and he isn't quite sure how to handle it. Maddy offers a lot of other great advice on this episode, like how to properly manage your Instagram, how to slide into her DMs, how to go viral on TikTok, and how to order at McDonald's if you're a hot girl. Elsewhere, the Blocked Boys reveal their usual amount of knowledge (very little) as we discuss hot mascots, monocles, manicured lawns, Putt-Putt games, mayors in Korn masks, and the Poplitics girl getting diagnosed with COVID.


And hey! It's the Centennial Celebration Month here at BP, and we are celebrating our 100th episode in style, as we've got FOUR bonus episodes coming your way at This month, we are gonna drink that vile Canada Juice, Stefan and John are gonna reminisce about 100 episodes of the show, we're gonna have our third instalment of BPD&D, and the YKS Boys are gonna join us for a BPTV episode where we get them to take a look at a bunch of CanCon. You won't wanna miss it, and you can access it all for $5/month over on our Patreon!


And if you want some more comedy content, John's new album, "Long Stories for No Reason", is out THIS FRIDAY! October 16th. Mark your calendars, it's gonna be a good time and it'll be available everywhere you get your music and comedy.


Maddy Kelly is a comedian from Vancouver, BC who just got Twitter during quarantine and would love for you to follow her at @MaddyKells69. You can also follow her on Instagram (now that you have the knowledge of what to do) at @MaddyKells.