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Dec 27, 2021

In the third instalment of what has become an annual tradition and a fan favourite episode, John and Stefan run down who they're targeting in the year 2022 as their mortal enemies. This could be a concept--in the past, Stefan has targeted the Bristol Stool Chart, for example--a person, an object, or really anything that has caught the ire of either Blocked Boy. But first, we run through our 2021 Enemies List to be sure that we got 'em correct over the past 365 days, and we recap our Christmases as Stefan reveals a controversial candy opinion and John manages to wade through a holiday full of family non-COVID illnesses to make Christmas happen. And in typical Blocked Party fashion, we also manage to find a way to talk about Rule 34, and this time, it's about the Brave Little Toaster.


If you want to be extra brave, as a special ending to the episode, we introduce the brand-new Patreon tiers for 2022, including an enhanced "$100 Club" yearly subscription, where you can get a personalized, Cameo-style shoutout from Stefan and John, access to a super-secret $100 Club Discord channel, ad-free episodes, and more. Plus, we introduce the "Sexy Six", a new set of six bonus episodes a year that are only available at the $8 tier and above. And if none of that sounds good, there's also lots of other stuff and other tiers for all your BP Patreon needs, all launching January 1. It's gonna be a great year and we're thrilled to keep bringing you the best bonus content in the game over at